Introducing Suzan Selcuk the not so typical fashion blogger,


She has recently been awarded the cosmopolitian street style competition winner this year 2012. I was introduced to this woman earlier in the year and her work and attitude to life has inspired me throughout this year. Suzan’s biggest influence is culture and her style is influenced heavily by 90′s street style… e.g Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing”, 90′s supergroup TLC, Kid ‘N Play, aaliyah.

This is song is Suzan all over: #Hat2DaBack

Meeting Suzan gave me a nostalgic look back to the days of the primary basic colours of saved by the bell, keith haring tees in clarissa & the days of coolio theme tunes ‘Kenan & Kel’! WE WANT YOU BACK!

Her work is on point and she has a keen eye for detail, definately a stylist to watch out for in the future. This year we launched along with Faith Milton a new streetwearbrand: EDUCATE & ELEVATE – If you havn’t heard of us then our aim is that you will this time next year! 🙂 [Check Us Out!] I have got the chance to work and meet alot of fantastic people this year as Suzan builds her portfolio building the standards too high for anyone to break! I wish this girl all the look & love in her future! A woman that shows hard work truely does pay off.

If you want to get in contact with Suzan about any work please contact her:


The Storm Magazine


Photographer: Richard Mayfield //

Model: Anike Ditchfield

MUA: Lisa Murray

Stylist: Suzan Selcuk






Photography: Lloyd James

Make-up: Lisa Murray

Model: Tessa Burton

Stylist: Suzan Selcuk



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